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Worm Magic
Worm Magic

About Us

The company has engaged in growing and selling agricultural products approximately on 40.000- decare land in Ukraine since 2004. It predominantly grows barley, wheat, canola, popcorn, sunflowers for snacks, pumpkin seeds for snacks, onion, tomato, and aubergine amongst other vegetables.

The company is proud to announce that it started to produce compost fertilisers, solid worm humus and liquid worm humus approximately on 16.000 sqm indoor space and 250 acres outdoor space in Ukraine in 2013.

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5 Products In One!

When buying our products, you get 5 products in one.


Worm Magic – Humisol; Naturally enriched with worm humus micro flora, contains phosphor solvent, nitrogen fixing and lacto bacteria spores.

Macro Elements

The reason why this is a high valence fertiliser is that it contains plant nutrients in a solvent form, with fast actions.

Micro Elements

Liquid humic fertilizers are stimulated with microelements with 10-6 mm size. This enables the penetration of the microlements inside the plants, because plant stomas have 10-1/10-3 mm size. Such microlements are closely related to the organometalic compounds of living cells by their nature. They do not cause rejection and have good assimilation in plants. The demand of the major crops for microelements was taken into account when developing these fertilizers.


Humic Substances

Soil fauna and worms present in soil form biohumus in millions of years. Worm Magic vermikompost based liquid organic fertiliser production technology mimic the processes repeated in nature in deed.

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Growth Regulators

Worm Magic contains natural growth hormones (phyto hormones) such as auxins, gibberellins, cytokinin, abscisic acid. Phyto hormones play a significant part in plant growth and development even in very small quantities.

Why Worm Magic?

  • It is produced with natural methods in total and is 100% ecologic.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria present in worm humus get in a dormant state and cease action at the time of the process. This prevents bacterial degradation and extends shelf life of the product.
  • Degraded on a molecular level with cavitation technology, vermicompost is chelated with vitamins, enzymes, natural growth hormones, amino acids, micro elements, micro humate molecules that it contains; hence it forms “micro-humic molecular composition”. Easily absorbed by plants, micro-humic molecular composition helps well-nutrition of the plant.
  • Contains no water insoluble solids, causes no clogging in drip irrigation and pulverisation systems.
  • Contains a good value of humic acid, plant nutrients, useful bacteria and natural growth hormones.
  • As plant nutrients and humic acids are reduced to nano-size, they are very easy and dense to get absorbed.

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