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About Us

The company has engaged in growing and selling agricultural products approximately on 40.000- decare land in Ukraine since 2004. It predominantly grows barley, wheat, canola, popcorn, sunflowers for snacks, pumpkin seeds for snacks, onion, tomato, and aubergine amongst other vegetables.

The company is proud to announce that it started to produce compost fertilisers, solid worm humus and liquid worm humus approximately on 16.000 sqm indoor space and 250 acres outdoor space in Ukraine in 2013.

In the light of the knowledge on producing different crops acquired from the Ukrainian scientists as well as from the universities, we are proud to have started production of vermiextract (condensed liquid vermicompost) by using state-of-the-art cavitation-based nanotechnology in our country.

We strive to improve physical, chemical and biological structure of the soil, increase efficiency in plantation, protect public health and help to protect environmental pollution.